D S 48000 Delay Spray 45ml

D S 48000 Delay Spray 45ml

10 customer reviews
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D S 48000 Delay Spray 45ml

Product Description

D S 48000 Delay Spray 45ml

Enjoy all the sensations of sex without holding back or worrying about finishing too soon. Promescent Delay Spray


10 reviews for D S 48000 Delay Spray 45ml

  1. sampaul.chidiac

    This deodorant is quite good, its fragrance is very good, it gives you fragrance

  2. Davie4030

    Great product being a new product line from TTK. Fragrance is up to the mark and so is the overall product pack.

  3. kahaleel.alison

    Totally awesome product

  4. sudipkundu23

    It’s really effective one
    scent is really nice and longevity is also good
    It’s really worth buying at this price.

  5. khushdil97042

    Nice product to go for and it stays gormlong term also

  6. jakirkhandon1

    Nice fragrance and surprisingly long lasting.

  7. asifahamed5711

    Good product like fragrance ,And pacaking,Need to try one time.

  8. khinansi

    Fragrance is superb just like color me greeno perfume last upto 1-3 hours

  9. suhebansarithuglife

    Once you apply it , get ready to handle a pack of she-wolves running towards you. It happened with me.

  10. satish.arora

    I just sprayed it then I had to run to save my life. Trust me it is a REAL MAGNET.

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