Hammer Of Thor Ultra Strong Supplement Booster For Male 60 capsules USA

Hammer Of Thor Ultra Strong Supplement Booster For Male 60 capsules USA

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Product Description

Hammer of Thor Capsules is herbal male enhancement capsule supplement. The Hammer of Thor Capsules is originally from Indonesia and Malaysia. The capsules are based on natural ingredients and it does not have any side effects.

The capsules are effective for male’s sexual problems. The capsules are sold usually in Malaysia and Indonesia. The name of this product is derived from the legendary Norse god. The product is not 100% safe and also has some adverse effect after you use it regularly.

Hammer of Thor is very popular among men’s for improving the sexual activities, it is a popular testosterone booster that energizes your immune for sexual pleasure.

Hammer of Thor has many natural properties one of it is the capsules are made of an effective blend of herbs which contains a healthy amount of Macronutrients and L-Arginine which provides men’s an erection that lasts long, a larger penis, etc.

What the capsules are for?

  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Weak Erection
  • Sexual Problems
  • Sexual Impotence
  • Keeps to Active
  • Energize your body for a longer period
  • Increasing in sperm and mobility
  • Increases your blood circulation
  • Quantity and Quality of Low-Quality Sperm

Ingredients Used in Hammer of Thor

There are many ingredients of Hammer of Thor which makes it very effective. First and foremost is Horny Goat Weed. This ingredient inculcates in your body testosterone and which increase your stamina and your efficiency. Another is Shilajit which also increase your stamina and give you the strength to do for a longer period. Then comes, Tongkat Ali. This component is useful for stringer erection and also release of sex hormones.

You are advised to use this product to see instant and very effective results. Then comes, Mucuna which is also another important constituent of this product. It helps in increasing your orgasm and help in getting a better result. Cistanche is another one which is there in this product. These all constitute what is called Hammer of Thor.

  • Coastal snail extract

This Ingredient helps to stimulate the natural production of Testosterone. The coastal snail extract has a special substance from Littorinidae family. It benefits in blood circulation and contains elements such as mineral, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, etc.

  • Elephantopus Scaber

This belongs to a sunflower family, it is a tropical species of a flowering plant. It is from tropical Africa, Eastern Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia especially known by the name of Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi, this flowering plant belongs to the group of Simaroubaceae, native to Indonesia, Malaysia. It basically helps to increase the sexual desire and ability to long last. It actually triggers your body to create your own male hormones. It also benefits in increasing sperm and mobility.

  • Extract of the Lichen Cladonia Rangifernia

This Extract is from Northern Lichen Cladonia Rangifernia which restores blood flow to the genitals. It is very helpful in energizing your body. It also helps to increase your nitric oxide levels in your body

  • Pithecellobium

It belongs to the legume family of the flowering plant. Pithecellobium helps to prevent dysbacteriosis and dehydration. It helps in improving blood circulation and energizes your body, reduces erectile dysfunction and slow aging. This particular herb helps men’s over the age of 35 whose motivation may be lacking during sexual intercourse.

  • Shilajit

The herbal product, it is the most favorable trait. It is used efficiently especially during sexual intercourse. Shilajit contains natural properties which don’t harm your body. It is absorbed better by your body cells and makes you give immense pleasure to your partner.

Benefits of Hammer of Thor

Hammer of Thor has gained sp much of popularity because of its success rate and also its effect was seen during sexual performance. It has received immense support from everyone because it has several benefits which we will see one by one.

First and foremost id more intense and strong erection. To increase your sexual performance you are advised to take these capsules regularly. It also enhances your sex performance and also keeps your partner satisfied. It is seen that men usually show increase sex desire which can be fulfilled by taking these capsules.

This product and its use are praised worldwide. It also increases your performance during lovemaking. You are recommended to use this product for instant results. It is very effective and only after taking capsules for 30 minutes you can see the results and which is very instant and this can last up to 3-5 hours. It is used for better erection and as a sex booster. It increases the size of the penis and makes it stronger.

Side effects of Hammer of Thor

As everything has two sides, one is positive and another is negative. Same is the case with this product also. Though it has many benefits also has some side effects. If not used properly it can cause dizziness the whole day and you can feel weak also. It also can have an upset stomach which is not at all good.

It is also alleged that it can even cause constipation so it is advised to consult a doctor before taking this product and consuming it. It is also recommended to seek a doctor for immediate help and medication. It can also keep your mouth dry for a longer period and can cause serious side effects. So, seek a doctor as soon as possible.

The company from Indonesia and Malaysia claims that there are no side effects of these capsules, we can’t be agreed or disagreed with the statement said by the company.

In many of the countries like India and Pakistan, these supplements are sold by fraud companies which can be harmful. The product definitely uses natural ingredients but there are some chemical elements which are used in it by which you can find some adverse effect and keeps you mentally distracted to give better performance. The company hasn’t claimed about any of the side effects but the capsules are not safe though.

Who should use it?

Hammer of Thor does not result from any specified requirement, the capsules are only for the men usually 30 and above who actually fails in maintaining an erection or who are not satisfied with their sexual intercourse, it can also be used for those who cannot have sex for a long time.

Male who are not satisfied with their sexual life can use this product. It is really embarrassing when you can’t fulfill your woman’s sexual desire, but instead of getting dissatisfied you can refer Hammer of Thor with doctor prescription.

How to Use Hammer of Thor Capsules?

It is very easy and helpful to use you can take a dosage before having sexual intercourse with a cup of tea or juice. Many of the male members use it before they are working out. If you’re taking it before the workout then take before 30 minutes of the workout session. Many of them use it before their workout session just to increase the immunity in their body and perform better otherwise.

How does the capsule work?

This is the male enhancement supplement capsules that could give you what actually you need from your sex life. The ingredients used in it are all-natural and does not harm your body. It not only includes capsules but also oil.

Hammer of Thor provides the extra boost that you actually need in your sex life. You should also be assured whether you need this product or not. You can, therefore, stay for a longer time by avoiding a quick ejaculation

Quality and Safety of the Capsule

Many of you must be concerned about the quality of the product. You can be assured about the quality and the safety as the Thor capsules are made up of natural ingredients and there are no side effects. The capsules are made of the herbs that are found from nature itself.

For getting more sure you can also go for the Lab tests and other useful videos from the official website or there are many reviews on YouTube also.

The supplement is not safe for regular use as the methods follows fails to maintain the balance in your body, it can cause many kidney failures and liver infection, also can increase your sugar level for the person who is having diabetes should avoid these capsules or can take after the consulting with the doctor.

It is better to read all the reviews whether good or bad and then decide whether the product is suitable for you or not.

92 reviews for Hammer Of Thor Ultra Strong Supplement Booster For Male 60 capsules USA

  1. sumonsdx1995

    I was having trouble in the bedroom.
    My wife and I stoped at gnc. and was i was looking for the best help in that area for me.i really truly have to say .this is just what I was searching for!!!! I have to thank each and everyone who has put this out for men ! Great for me and my wife

  2. Rizwanli

    Male health is very important when you’re approaching 30, I’ve been using this product daily for 1 months and it does work. Strengthens erections, increases libid and energy.

  3. sumers

    I have a very hard job that i learned that this helps me feel younger and more capable of accomplishing,this is not just for libido, it’s a real male product.

  4. rajansurvey

    This improved my performance and energy. I was trying to find something that would actually show some results, this product did just that

  5. virendarvk64876

    I have tried a few other products and I really love this one! I have seen a change in size, strength and muscle tone; plus my energy levels are going up as promised.

  6. Mdmontujaahmed

    I did get the beneficial effects of the product, better performance on bed,stamina,duration,energy and even mood, I do believe the product is good for male overall health.

  7. rajendrasngh3562

    I have been taking for a year. It’s a absolutely honest review. It’s not as drastic as prescription medication but definitely noticeable without any negative effects. The product has some very good getting jiggy boosting and male power formula. I would recommend to someone that needs to enhance their drive and life.It’s not something that you get instant results, but works slowly and revolutionarily. Compared to other brands, I can say this one has results and the other brand did not. I will purchase this product again and again.

  8. devtigher1981

    I have a lot of bonners! But where I need to be physically this product is on point.

  9. banothsai786

    This product helps me in release stress and helps in my sleeplessness, After taking 2 tablets a day I found this product very effective related to my health, it’s ingredients

  10. zameerhussain707070

    This stuff works for anxiety, for me at least. I have been taking this for about three days now and it helps me reduce stress and sleep well. A must product for all.

  11. asifzaman890786

    it improves the sleep , produce more testosterone hormones and many more.this tablets are combination of three which is really useful .I am taking two pills a day one after breakfast and one after dinner .I am feeling little bit energetic after taking these tablets.so it’s really useful and required.
    value for money

  12. vk6409817

    I have been using this for the past 2 months. That being said, I think I’m eligible to review this item.

  13. singhks062

    Natural stress reliever and balance in life

  14. asishdas8558

    These capsules are very good for health. It helps to increase immune system and energy. It also help to increse internal strength .these are herbal product so there is no side effect

  15. rajesh111353

    Natural product and use very good, body energy
    Very helpful and increase energy body , anyone buy it natural product

  16. ansarinoorbaano123

    Farganic 18+ testosterone booster Capsules are formulated for adults

  17. ilyabaranov725

    It really boosts energy. One can feel the difference within 2-3 days and the good thing is that it’s pure and natural. Amazing product at reasonable price.

  18. pramodkr1491997

    This product is really good as it fulfills all your bodily requirements without any side effects. Since it is all organic i.e. made of natural ingredients, it is good for you. It is also nicely packed and of good quality.

  19. mandalbasudev433

    Nice and elegant packaging, effective in increasing testosterone levels. Good supplement for bodybuilders and fitness freak. All natural ingredients. Highly recommended.

  20. kmleshkumarviswakarmamanish

    Graet product helps you maintain your energy thoughtout the day also helps alot in gaining muscle…
    Also the product can be used by vegitarians and has no size effects..

  21. santoshkum489

    Its really a very good suppliment as it contains natural ingredients which help us to increse the testosterone level in out body . Within few days i got the result . There is 60 capsules in the box . Its contain ayurvedic herbs which make this suppliment unique .

  22. bablugupta.mahsu

    Reached me on time.. Started on it already! Been a few days, Can’t expect to notice a dramatic change or substantial response that soon as it’s an Aayurvedic formulation & ayurveda as we all know takes a little time to start showing its effects. Will come back in a few days time to share my experience.

  23. rajajena1211

    I would recommend this product as it does not involve any harmful preservatives and is really a value for money as the testosterone booster is made up of natural ingredients. these T-Boosters help to increase your testosterone level. This will also help you to enhance your energy.

  24. silaleysps

    Nice product, that is worth & value for money, insufficient levels of testosterone in mens lead to several problems, so this product is a right solution to maintain a positive energy, it shows results within a week & it re-energises our body & safe for our health

  25. anaik4881

    Highly recommended, it has all natural ingredients it does not have any side Effects instead it it is very good for health as it does not contain any chemical ingredients in it value for money

  26. abhaykumarsingh023

    I bought this for my husband , it’s arround 1 week and I can see the difference in immunity and energetic is good. It’s boost stemina also.its good for office worker. So I recommend it.

  27. wasimjafarsk78

    This has been amazing product to boost male energy in this hectic day to day schedule.
    Packing is also impeccable. Thumbs up to this product.

  28. dhanajsheliya97

    Excellent product. I am using it regularly after getting benefit in stamina and strength.
    I am very conscious about safety , having natural ingredients it is safe for long term use.
    really appreciate the product efficacy and quality.

  29. maheswaricoconut

    Energy booster at affordable price using this since 10 days and i am seeing the results

  30. krishno70

    Oh what happiness did it bring to my cousin. I bought this for my cousin and he was so happy. He is a gym freak and has started using this. He says that he feels more strength now. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  31. saddamhusen5724

    I am using already it’s very

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New |

  32. niteshmahato

    Good item price

    Thanks for your products. And I recommend it to everyone

  33. liliana3001898


    Good product

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

  34. Shivangi

    My husband has been using this since two weeks and two distinct differences we’ve noted is much better sleep and a significant reduction in anxiety. My friend had suggested these tablets and I’m glad I listened to him. Will update with long term effects if we see any other changes. As of now, very happy with it.

  35. almaasshaikj

    Testosterone booster king.💪💪💪💪💪
    Highly recommended for bodybuilders & anybody can get amazing benefits.

  36. appleapple

    Very useful product , compare to other products in market. Also cost of the product is very cheap.I advice to all to purchase this product view early effect.

  37. sobarajksa

    Initially I thought whether I should buy this or not but when I received it and used for some day I found it really great. I would highly recommend it to try.

  38. javedqureshi7329

    I m using this for last few days I started seeing difference. As we all Indian know herbal is always good with no side effects.

  39. rv07318

    I wasn’t sure that I should use this or not but the results are really good. I would highly recommend this product to use.

  40. josonali523

    However,this is certainly not a magic vitamin, but i have had results after continued usage.

  41. sjluber

    I really loved the product it boosts stamina.Too good for men i really recommend this product to everybody genuine and amazing.smell of tablets is great.overall product is awesome

  42. dfain

    I ordered this product few days ago and I feel really good after using this product. Perfect Product

  43. hemantbrmz

    These tablets are just amazing mainly due to the set of very healthy ingredients which not only boost blood circulation but also help to get rid of anxiety.

  44. vnchauhan

    I’m happy 😊 with the product came beautifully… With very well packaging no damage… So product came safe … Thanks for great product for men

  45. ds5639770

    After using this tablet I will feel more active.Good and Natural Product.

  46. laxminarayan.shakya631

    Working very good for me

  47. amanda.wesson

    Nice packaging… Good quality

  48. bkvasudev31

    Helped me reduce my stress greatly and feel better. Also gave me slight energy boost. Made me feel more confident. Good Product with no side effects.

  49. janupooja33

    Been Really useful for Stress Management. Has helped feel much calmer and energetic. Also helped me spend more quality time with my family.

  50. melanierowan46

    It works wonderfully and makes you feel better and increases your overall wellbeing. It has a long term impact on one’s confidence and wellbeing.

  51. marcoav1999

    It boosts the Testosterone level of your body
    ✔️ Helps you build lean, dense muscle and
    helps to melt away fat.
    ✔️ Decreases libido, fatigue, and stress.
    ✔️ Improves focus, boosts the libido and
    elevates mood.
    ✔️ Boost In Stamina, Energy And Performance.
    ✔️ The ingredients of the products are sourced
    directly from mother nature and used in raw
    and most potent form.

  52. guptaashutosh2012

    As we know that testosterone is male hormone responsible for various functions. This product is fit for use by the people who really want to boost their testosterone levels and maintain balance of their hormones.

  53. singhpalwinder1028

    I highly recommend to make it a part of your routine. It is price friendly, safe and it has been tested to boost your testosterone levels.

  54. chef.santosh89

    I recently use this Organic testosterone Booster Supplement .It will naturally increases testosterone levels.
    I have been using this product since 1-2 month.

  55. tinku.keshri777

    I am using this product for a month, It’s a great product. but Capsules should be more, Lol. and Thank U todaydeal for the fast delivery.

  56. manoharkamble

    This product is very useful after taking it I feel so energetic. My muscles are always pumped. It gives me a fullness feeling. Less fat and more muscles in body. It makes my bones stronger feel. Better libido and improved mood. One must give a try

  57. maniyasahani808

    Excellent product,. Writing the review after utilising the product.. best for men vigour and vitality… Unani pure medicinal energy without side effects.. try it, I already ordered more

  58. mulani.shamir

    Very Good Results..

  59. simulatorman

    Take it as instructed… One hour Before intercourse… Also Chew it a Bit before Gulping down.. Milk is Not necessary you can take it with water also.. Works Fine for Me.. Thanks Hakeem Saab..

  60. adityakashyap712

    I never believed this table will work when I am ordering but it is really worked well in few minutes after started using this. It is natural and good as well. This review have been posted after used for two to three months.

  61. amarpal980

    I felt that i am reborn again. There was no raise in BP and the erection was very strong and good. I really love this product. Thanks to Hammer USAi. This medicine is giving hope in Unnani Medicine.

  62. bickyuser

    excellent product must buy everyone no Side Effects or any other difficulties I give 5 star rating because I am 100% satisfied.

  63. bhandwalkaravinash

    Excellent powerSuper good .
    no weest your money.
    2: 30 minutes work stat.

  64. ajendramasram

    Jabardast hai bhai….. Thank you Hammer usa…. Maja aa gaya.

  65. Barunmou99

    Wonderful , i am fully satisfied.

  66. Jaiverma64

    Very very good medicin sir….and effective after 1 hours. And no side effect like other and bp patient also take this . Very good worked

  67. jaiverma780

    I am at the age of 60+. When I got this product, I have used 2 tabs in the first day itself. The power of this tablet was marvelous. So I ordered 4 more packs. Thank you

  68. sandeshdumra420

    I think it’s worth

  69. vktomar_oudh

    Powerful formula

  70. bittu1998090

    Excellent product. Works 100%…. A must use for enjoying improved life.

  71. mae_100

    Excellent quality best resuly

  72. vinod.y30

    Amazing working product recommanded all

  73. rachael.medal

    good effective good product good result must use for 3 months.

  74. kp4702

    Awesome product …… worth buying ..@@@

  75. purkait.kallol

    this is my 2nd order and same product is working as describe happy n satisfied with the product.

  76. aacolia

    Worth buying product iam using it from last 1 month and ican see some result in very short time.

  77. sg0543169

    Genuine product

  78. saharajesh03641

    resulted product

  79. sajantiger8

    good product

  80. gchanchal080

    good as per expectation

  81. vishalbossgzp12345

    Good product

  82. sunirmaldas647

    good product

  83. santoshgowda

    The protection instructions slip don’t attached the your delivery protect

  84. natalielevar

    authentic product genius original good product must order

  85. iqqureshi53

    amazing product very happy and superb result

  86. rockvishwadilip

    very useful product i really happy with the product

  87. aliashraf020686


  88. tdwilson@

    very helpful product increase stamina also

  89. ankitkumar

    This product gives me very positive results. Thank you:)

  90. dipansh

    It helps me to boost energy level. Good tablets.

  91. delhisigna

    I’m a diabetic and I started using this product, Within few days I got small results,,
    So far feel good. I write my complete review after complete one bottle……

  92. Shivangi

    My husband has been using this since two weeks and two distinct differences we’ve noted is much better sleep and a significant reduction in anxiety. My friend had suggested these tablets and I’m glad I listened to him. Will update with long term effects if we see any other changes. As of now, very happy with it.

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