Jumbo 9 inch soft washable condoms

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Kings jumbo 9 inch Soft Washable Condoms For Men Reusable condom Sleeve

sleeve condom Material:Soft silicone Size:2 different size let you choose ( the size include the extend size , extend size about 3-4 cm ) Waterproof : full waterproof



1.Use very soft material , can strength , pull , fold . Products have relevant quality inspection reports, in line with the CE, ROSH quality and safety standards

2.Turn yourΒ  instant pleasure machine with the incredible Fantasy

100% protect your privacy

95 reviews for Jumbo 9 inch soft washable condoms
  1. sauravverma

    original products

  2. satishsport

    Very good

  3. aadilkhan

    good and value for money

  4. sujit.rai.

    5.0 out of 5 starsProduct as per Description

  5. mdshahvej

    starsProduct as per Description nice

  6. sonukumartiwari

    Very very good

  7. amandeepchoudhary

    super and best quality product 5 Star

  8. nayyerdon

    Silicon dragon 5 star condom

  9. dagadubhagat

    Very good for newbies. You can Feel every step and also pretty much durable for 10 mint continues penetration.

  10. surendrameena

    Value for money So skinny feel. Must use every time….

  11. sazeed

    Valu of money. Excellent quality. feeling verry good

  12. meenuthapa

    Best ever condom

  13. sarankumar

    These are my favourite ones. Makes for a very steamy session. πŸ€ͺ

  14. praveenpallati

    Very nice product.

  15. nkumaryadav

    It does the intended job.

  16. mamuhayminktpm

    Good product

  17. emmamuddinsh

    Good in all

  18. dulugogoi

    Nice product

  19. yashrai

    Good product

  20. sadhukhan

    Very safe and pleasant

  21. mamuhayminktpm

    Helps break the boredom!

  22. rehalbrothers

    Just chill and use it.

  23. shoaebkhan

    Long lasting?

  24. rajesh224kumar

    Earth shattering results!

  25. dhanapalu

    Very food

  26. suncity

    Its a fantastic product. Really enjoyed with my bae.

  27. lokesha1

    Long lasting and never feel ur partner that it’s there.

  28. sarvan22


  29. surjitt


  30. saravanansami

    Nice product

  31. sabdark

    I know it works because I am not a father yet… πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  32. chavhanlakhan

    I like its material

  33. jayeshpatil

    Good product

  34. sonuwalia.swsw


  35. rajababukhan

    it is an good , you can use it.

  36. samantasuvo.tamluk

    Best products

  37. surya

    After using Air series a long time, I tried this and I’m never switching to another.

  38. yaschoudharybth

    It will do wonders πŸ˜‰

  39. mshubham

    perfect product

  40. mdtanjil

    Performance Not as expected

  41. ajazahmad

    Wear give some time 10 minute to gel work.
    you will rock

  42. sanjeevkumarsahni1

    My partners usually reach Dragoan atleast 3 times before i do. Seeing as they clearly enjoy it maybe they should be the ones buying this -_-

  43. parmnandal

    Good quality product

  44. eswaramanikumark

    Works.as advertised

  45. mohdjameel

    Too good worth buy

  46. nababbiswas

    Great and with Best price

  47. rajubhaikhachar

    It’s really strong in thickness and elasticity

  48. mukesh.com

    This is really a great product. Trust me u need more stamina to sustain πŸ˜„ this will surely increase your love time and I’m shocked. If you r not planning for baby go for this without using any sprays it’s worth it

  49. vallarasugovindh

    Ek condom laga lo 15 min ki chutti paa lo

  50. govindpandit

    best easy to use best fit after using i was drilling for last 37 min continuously. Total satisfactory

  51. Shanirajputkhan

    It does what it supposed to, increases time. Trick is wait for few minutes after put it on.

  52. khalanderbasha

    Awesome product,it’s last long and name only suggests that the product is very good….

  53. venkateshnaraharisetty

    Very good product. Controls dragoan. Increase stamina and confidance. But it is costly.

  54. shaikhshadab

    It works like it says πŸ™‚

  55. sevenganga

    dragan condoms are always best

  56. vishwajeetk

    It actually helps to stay longer than other condoms. Also raised dots help her feel pleasure.

  57. badalkarmankar

    Thank you.
    I love it 😍 sure value of money

  58. jainumang

    okay for first timers like me. i dont know what to rate in this…

  59. dheerajsinha

    It surely delays the ejaculation time. I lasted so long that my girlfriend had multiple orgasms .

  60. anuruthjohn

    This should be the packing for intimate non returnable items …thanks

  61. kumarpraveenkumar

    Long lasting, ever green products of Dragan , best deal

  62. rajkumarmva

    Good product

  63. venkatareddyorugan

    Lovely product. Enhances pleasure

  64. venkatareddyorugan

    Lovely product. Bought it for the second time. It delivers what it mentions in its description. U enjoy the heaven wd it

  65. pateshppp

    Everlasting……..Good product

  66. Deepakloharmp

    Loved it

  67. jnkdineshj

    Dear sir, I was also going to get love sex gel with these items, which I did not find, please cast to give thanks

  68. sreekrishnanbijin

    Haa haa. Just kidding. Yes its definitely served the puspose.

  69. crajeshcyc

    I think that this is the best product from dragan. My wife reaches Dragan before me. This is better than extra time. Price can be reduced.

  70. rajudasdmv

    No issues, product comes in proper packaging

  71. bramhatravels

    No 1 awesome

  72. mohdjameel

    Well I ve got an absolutely great review for these…

  73. allahbakashw

    Name is written on the packing
    This is the only thing that’s disappointed me

  74. govindraj4every

    Perfect for get to go

  75. ubumone

    Super Awesome Product. Help your buddy long lasting.

  76. stephen

    Full satisfaction and log lasting for climax.

  77. mrinalsamanta

    Best ever experience with this Product

  78. gajucharduke

    I would recommend this product to all as it will give long-lasting lovemaking experiences.

  79. akshaiyabobby


  80. vishnunethaji

    It really works as it’s mentioned on the cover, it increase duration. I’m happy with this purchase.

  81. deepghosh

    Awesome 😎 Buy again and again

  82. heera

    Good Quality

  83. zaidchougle

    It really works! But then your partner may get annoyed ..She will be done and you will still be going on and on πŸ˜‰

  84. snsulaiman

    Great comfort/ extra long effect

  85. khankasif

    My girl just love it.

  86. vikastechno

    Makes you last long

  87. ravi.bonda

    Quality is must important for me

  88. rohitrejo

    feels comfirtable

  89. planetb

    You may have many questions if few things are not working in your favour or you may want to have different experience. This product does its work in a perfect manner. It is actually great mutual enhanced experience.

  90. sarathsp

    Good one

  91. sarojdon

    Bas karte jao, karte jao
    Koi rokne wala Nahin hai

  92. tamilsivaudh

    Go for it…the one who loves hardcore

  93. ankit.chaubey

    Good product

  94. gowthamsaikumar


  95. gadiyaramraghavendra

    It’s really nice , smooth . It stays little longer .. it makes the partner really good as it longs laster.

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