Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E

(14 customer reviews)



ejaculation time and enjoy a fulfilling sex.

– Guaranteed enjoyment for your partner and you can give her a mind blowing orgasm.

– Time tested product and proven results.

– The Super Viga 240000 indeed helps in avoiding break-ups and divorces due to dissatisfaction in sexual life.

What are the side effects of Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray?

– Super Viga 240000 is generally safe and without any contra-indications under normal circumstances.

–          Do not overspray under the impression that you can stay longer with more sprays. Over spraying may cause numbness of your penis requiring medical treatment.

–          Do not use this spray if you are suffering from myasthenic gravis, epilepsy, impaired cardiac condition or liver damage.

–          Consult your physician before using this spray if you are on regular medication or suffering from any chronic illness.

14 reviews for Super Viga 240000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E
  1. rakeshkumarnkt

    Good product like fragrance ,And pacaking,Need to try one time.

  2. shivamthakur

    Fragrance is superb just like color me greeno perfume last upto 4-5 hours

  3. Guddukumar

    If you want to Seduce any women…Go for it… They will not leave you at all.

  4. shajid121

    Excellent Value For Money
    nice combo from skore
    light n long lasting fragrance
    feels good

  5. kaisersofi.ks

    Skore has scored all its Mark’s perfect deodorant which last for more than 2 hours .scent aroma is very mind blowing. Money spent for is really valued

  6. rahul1998kumaryadav

    Good product like fragrance ,And pacaking,Need to try one time.

  7. dilipsafe70

    Totally awesome product

  8. saurabhaggarwal538

    It’s really worth buying at this price.

  9. dmithun44

    This deodorant is quite good, its fragrance is very good, it gives you fragrance

  10. adityagopal3

    Great product being a new product line from TTK. Fragrance is up to the mark and so is the overall product pack.

  11. hemantkumarchauhan

    Totally awesome product

  12. ranjanabharti199

    It’s really effective one

  13. chauhan080

    scent is really nice and longevity is also good

  14. daraltafahmed

    Nice product to go for and it stays gormlong term also

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