Vigrx Enlargement Cream For Men: Buy

Vigrx Enlargement Cream For Men: Buy

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Product Description

VigRx cream is a Penis enlargement cream that has been formulated to support erection strength. It is made with ingredients traditionally used for sexual benefits enhanced by modern day advancements. With simple, topical application before sexual activities, it proves to be one of the best choices for men. Boosts erection power Maintains size of penis in long-term Assists blood circulation All-natural formula and pure ingredients for potency

9 reviews for Vigrx Enlargement Cream For Men: Buy

  1. akshaybabar15

    Good stuff,it works better than expected.will purchase again in the future

  2. Mahbub939815

    It works perfectly well….

    A good product for intended purposes

  3. sandipmahadik222

    All I will say is….. she likes this one. This is good especially if you are starting out in this area

  4. abdulkhan53348

    Numbing for sure. Spicy. Only caveat: expect to feel like you’ve been to the dentist if you do any salad tossing.

  5. semizor.ovav7

    This product has been on the market for years! It’s essentially a higher strength of orajel. This is NOT a lubricant, you WILL need to use a high quality lube with this product for the best experience. Highly recommended!!!!!!

  6. quenashei

    Apparently I used so much that he went limp and couldn’t get back up for a few hours. ?‍♀️ Oops

  7. mukteshguravbagewadi

    LOVED this product , takes about 10-15 mins to start numbing if it somehow drips into your va Jay jay it will burn , it is pretty thin gel so becareful when you first open it

  8. pannu.ranbir3

    By far the top #1 best live I’ve ever used!! Long lasting, a little goes an extremely long way, scent and flavor is amazing. Easy clean up! Will purchase again!

  9. Vikashkumar756756

    What can I say .it works .but also it will make the man ….giver num also causing you to go longerrrrrr. Keep that in mind

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